Exhaust Valve Spindle

Exhaust Valve Spindle – Seat – Housing

Mtg Ship Repair offers complete reconditioning services. We offer complete restoration of combustion surface, shoulders, seating/contact area, valve stems, rotating fins as well as restoration of material loss on Valve underside, shoulder area and we keep extensive records from most OEM’s standard dimensions and tolerances as well as OEM gauges. Typical repair procedures include the following:

*Preliminary inspection – dimensional check machining
*Roughing out
*NDT crack test
*Rebuilding – welding
*Chrome plating
*Heat treatment
*Machining to original OEM’s dimensions
*Super-finishing – grinding
*Final dimensional checks

Mtg Ship Repair also maintains stock of piston of valve spindles and seats for selected engine types and offers on – exchange service, which is a cost effective and fast alternative to repairing or ordering new.

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