Welcome to Mtgship Repair Separator Services! (marine)
Mtg ship repair
offers used second hand separators sale and all models spare parts, maintenance service.
Centrifuge equipment for factory service fluid purification, including metal working coolant filtration and recycling, wash water purification, glycol and antifreeze recycling and oil water Separation.
Our team of qualified service engineers are ready to go onboard the vessels to match any need for survey, service and setup of oil purifiers and related automation.
Mtg ship repair guarantees a quick analysis and a suitable solution for any kind of problem.

Customer Service Center is available 24 / 7/ 365 to take your call and can have a crew on the road within one hour of your call – any time, day or night.
Get started today by calling Separators, Inc. for your centrifuge service needs.

Used second hand separators, service and spare parts sales.
Alfa Laval Separators Parts and service  
MAB 103, MAB 104, MAB  204, MAB  205, MAB  207, MAB  209, MAPX  204, MAPX 205, MAPX 207, MAPX 309, MMPX 304, MOPX 205, MOPX 207, MOPX 207, MOPX 210, MOPX 309, WHPX 405, FOPX 607,
Wesfalia Separators Parts and service SA20, RTA50, RSA60, RSA80, OSA7, OSA20, OSA35


















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