Ship Repair

MTG Ship Repair Ventilation, Equipment, insulation, electric – electronic, painting – blasting, grit blast, hull equipments dry Docking, hatch manufacturing, design, project and consultancy. Up to Panamax size vessels.
Maintaınıng The Highest Standarts In Turkish Shıp Repair
“ MTG Ship Repair” is proud to have the first new building and repairing dry dock having capacity up to panamax sized vessels in Tuzla shipyard area. The main activities are the dry docking, repair and conversion of all types of vessels; steel works, piping, propeller, rudder, shaft, hatch equipment, ventilation, insulation, electric – electronic, painting-blasting, grit blasting, design, project and consultancy.
                                                “MTG Ship Repair” performs different type of conversions to existing vessels.



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